The Flame of Barbary Coast Film

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The Flame of Barbary Coast Film

Flame of Barbary Coast is an American Western film starring John Wayne that was released on the 28th of May 1945. It was written by Prescott Chaplin, screenplay was by Borden Chase and the film was directed by Joseph Kane. The box office saw a gross amount of $600 000, it runs for approximately 91 minutes and is a black and white film that is also known as A Cidade de Barbaros. The Flame of Barbary Coast film was both produced and distributed by Republic Pictures. Filming was also done at the Republic Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Flame of Barbary Coast was nominated for two academy awards being for best music score of a dramatic or comedy picture and sound recording. The music for the film was done by R Dale Butts and two unaccredited names Morton Scott and Mort Glickman.

Cast and Characters of the Film

Flame of Barbary Coast starred John Wayne as the lead character, Duke Ferguson. Duke’s friend Wolf Wylie was played by William Frawley and Ann Dvorak played his love interest and inspiration for his success, Flaxen Terry. Her lover and Duke’s nemesis, Tito Morell was played by Joseph Schildkraut.

Virginia Grey played the role of Rita Dane while Russel Hicks and Jack Norton played the owner and reporter of the San Francisco Star. Paul Fix played Calico Jim.

Summary of the Film’s Plot

Flame of Barbary Coast is set in San Francisco, 1906 and tells the story of cowboy Duke Ferguson, an inexperienced gambler from Montana, who ends up playing a game against Tito Morell who is the owner of the gambling establishment called Eldorado Hall. Morell ends up cheating Duke out of his money but Duke happens to fall in love with the establishment’s star attraction and Morell’s lover, Ann Flaxen Terry.

In order for Duke to win her affections he decides that he must become a successful owner of his own gambling sports betting NZ establishment. Duke returns to his home in Montana and asks his friend, Wolf Wylie, to teach him how to gamble and how to spot a cheater. After learning all he can, he takes a massive leap of faith by selling everything he has and moves to San Francisco.

Duke plays his way across the gambling halls and faces up to each one’s best poker player. He starts with Tito Morell and ends up defeating him and every poker player in all of the surrounding gambling halls. Once he has enough money he opens up an exclusive casino called the Silver Dollar and invites the Flame of Barbary Coast, Flaxen Terry to become his star attraction. Morell becomes furious and begins a political battle with Duke. While the men are battling it out, the famous great earthquake of 1906 devastates both their gambling halls, and gravely injures Flaxen.

Morell offers to incorporate the establishments for illegal reasons. Duke however decides to return to Montana, but first he destroys Morell’s chances of having a political career. Flaxen who recovers after the earthquake decides to move to Montana with Duke.