The Comedic Implicated Characters in Crimen

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The Comedic Implicated Characters in Crimen

And Suddenly it’s Murder Introduction

Crimen is a 1960’s film that has also been referred to as … And Suddenly it’s Murder! and Killing in Monte Carlo. The film was directed by Mario Camerini. It is an Italian film with a, who did it, comedic theme.

The film was produced by Dino de Laurentiis and distributed by Royal films International. It is about a 90 minute long production that was released on the 13th of December 1960. The story, written by Rodolfo Sonego and Luciano Vincenzoni, is about three couples who meet on a train that is bound for Monte Carlo.

Basic Plot to the Film Crimen

Crimen involves three couples who meet on a train to Monte Carlo. They are people who live by their wits but altogether their only common trait is that they are Italians bound on the same train to the same destination and that they are all later implicated in a murder of a rich older woman. The couples interact in a comedic way by not telling the truth and further implicating themselves.

The Comedic Implicated Characters in Crimen

The situation arises when Nino Manfredi and his wife Franca Valeri attempt to receive a reward for a missing Dachshund of a rich dowager. They uncover her corpse before being able to deliver the dog t her and promptly flee the scene leaving a suitcase behind.

An ambitious beautician, Vittorio Gassman steals the suitcase and along with his wife, Silvana Mangano, uncover the body inside the suitcase of online bingo. Gassman is appalled as he has thought he had a winning roulette system which proved to be a failure and he had hopes the suitcase had better contents.

His only alibi is his gambling partner, Alberto Sordi, who is a chronic gambler having lost three businesses to roulette. Alberto Sordi, not wanting to be implicated at all, claims he has been with his wife the whole time. He does however, through this lie, discover that his wife, Dorian Grey, had in fact been otherwise engaged.

Frustration for the ambitious beauticians is further enhance by Silvana Mangano’s most diverting scene where she enters a casino with an uninterested demeanour and a rich man gives her a chip. She plays the chip until she has won over one million lire but then loses it all. At this point she calmly states that one only plays for the fun of the game and retreats with her head held high. Upon entering the ladies room she closes the door and lets out an undignified shriek.

Remakes of the Film Crimen

Following the original Crimen film in 1960, two remakes have been made. The first was in 1971 called Lo Non Vedo, Tu Non Parli, Lui Non Sente. This remake was also directed by Mario Camerini and starred Gastone Moschin; Enrico Montesano and Alighiero Noschese.

The second remake of Crimen was made in 1992 by Eugene Levy. The remake of the film is called Once upon a Crime and stars James Belushi and John Candy in the leading roles. There was another version of Crimen made in Hindi which is called 36 China town.