The Games Gamblers Play Film

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The Games Gamblers Play Film

Games Gamblers Play is a comedy film from Hong Kong that was directed by Michael Hui and Sammy Hong who directed the action. The film was released in Hong Kong on the 17th of October 1974 and starred its director, Michael Hui and co-starred his real life brother, Sam Hui who was also one of the music composers for the film.

Sam Hui’s debut album, Gwai Ma Seung Sing, was released in the same year by Polydor Records. The first two tracks of his album were used in the film and released on a separate 7” vinyl. The Games Gamblers Play soundtrack is predominantly by Sam Hui and his songs in particular were generally composed and written by him.

The production company was Golden Harvest who also distributed the film and it was produced by Raymond Chow. Games Gamblers Play runs for approximately 107 minutes and is originally in Cantonese.

Games Gamblers Play at the Box Office

Games Gamblers Play was the highest grossing film at the box office in the year of 1974. The film earned over HK$6.2 million. Games Gamblers Play was considered a great success as Michael Hui established a firm comedic side to gambling which is a popular pastime in the country.

It was Michael Hui’s directorial debut but he was already well known for acting and being an established writer. The film helped establish him even further and gave rise to the revival of Cantonese cinema which had taken a back seat to the domination of Mandarin films.

Even though the film was a success it wasn’t until subsequent films that the Hui brothers found their on screen chemistry. It was however Michael Hui’s performance that was the real crowd pleaser. He portrayed the flawed man using any possible means to get ahead well. Sam Hui’s performance was also praised with his ability to deliver the comedic quips with a straight and fresh face.

Synopsis of Games Gamblers Play

Games Gamblers Play kicks off with prison inmate Wen, played by Michael Hui, who uses his gambling skills and cheating smarts against other prisoners to increase his lunch rations. He soon joins up with fellow inmate Cheih, played by his brother Sam Hui, and online betting together they plan get rich quick schemes.

Once the two are both released from prison they embark on a mission to make lots of money by using their gambling and cheating skills. They decide to hit the mah-jong tables, the dice tables, they try cheat at the cards. Eventually the pair even try their luck on a television game show. All of their attempts are to no avail and absolutely nothing goes right for them.

The pair decide to hit the big time with the dog races by sabotaging an illegal betting ring. Their scheme goes to hell and as they head off to Macau to attempt to regain some luck they are chased by angry gangsters. Wen’s run of bad luck is further aggravated by the fact that he has a mistress, played by Betty Ting Pei, who his wife is unaware of.