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Insights That are Definitely NOT Garbage

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True Illusions Slot by Betsoft

Betsoft is one of the leading casino game developers working in the world of online slots today, and the quality of the sounds and graphics provided in their True Illusions slot game shows why. This exciting game evokes the mystery and magic of childhood magic shows, and allows lucky players to instantly change their day-to-day…
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Desert Dreams Slot Review

Desert Dreams is a five reel, three row and twenty payline video slot title developed by Amaya Gaming. Themed around Egypt and the brave archaeological efforts in uncovering the sands of time in order to reveal this lost treasure trove. Offering players potential big winning combinations with wild and scatter symbols, which trigger the free…
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Tycoons Slot from Betsoft Developers

Betsoft’s Tycoons slot game aims to allow players from all walks of life a chance to sample the pleasures of the luxurious world of big money, and transports those who choose to start enjoying it into a world inhabited by the rich and famous, where high-stakes poker games and all the comforts of excessive wealth…
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Why Canadians Love Betting Online

Canadians love sports. There is such a long and rich tradition of sporting excellence in the country that it is no surprise that there is also a love of sports betting. Gaming laws in Canada are quite strict with regards to sports wagering. The laws were implemented with good intentions but unfortunately they limit Canadians…
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Aztec Princess Online Slots Review

The Aztec’s were one of the biggest and most mysterious cultures in the history of the world. Strange rituals, advances astronomy, and an empire spanning the entire of Central America, the Aztec’s will forever be remembered as a powerful people. Aztec Princess is a slot inspired directly by the Aztec culture, using imagery and artwork…
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