Why Canadians Love Betting Online

Casino & Sports Betting Insights That are Definitely NOT Garbage

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Why Canadians Love Betting Online

Canadians love sports. There is such a long and rich tradition of sporting excellence in the country that it is no surprise that there is also a love of sports betting.

Gaming laws in Canada are quite strict with regards to sports wagering.

The laws were implemented with good intentions but unfortunately they limit Canadians not just with regards to choice but also in respect of the rewards from these choices.

With online pokies NZ betting, sport bettors can expect a new found freedom in betting that will improve and expand your love of betting.

No Limit To Betting

In Canada it is a legal requirement to bet on more than one team at the same time. This means that parlay bets are the norm.

The irony of this is that parlay bets offer some of the toughest odds compared to for instance a single bet. You only need to make one prediction on a single bet whereas parlays require you to make more than one correct prediction.

Online sports betting are not beholden to these laws.

Players decide how they want to wager their cash on a wide selection of different types of bets. Parlays, single bets and more means that finally Canadian bettors have the power of choice.

Bigger Returns

Online betting sites do not fall under the jurisdiction of Canadian gaming laws. This is because the sports betting site exist virtually on a server that is hosted in a geographically separate country.

Canadian players are simply accessing that server online. This means that the returns from a sports betting site will always be higher than what you can expect at a land based bookmaker.

For this reason more and more Canadian players are switching over to online betting.

Still Convenient Despite The Benefits

Even with all these benefits to online sports betting, it doesn’t mean that there are hidden fees or catches.

Online sports betting is a much cheaper operation to run with lower overheads.

This allows sports betting sites to offer their members the most competitive odds while still offering the best payouts, no subscription fees combined with a safe and secure online environment.

Pick And Choose Your Odds

There are many sports betting sites online that all determine their own odds that they offer for sporting events.

Since each bookmaker determines their own odds, it means that no two sites are the same. There is no limit to how many suites you can become a member.

If you sign up for more than one suite you are free to find the best odds on the events you want to wager on.

Have A Bookmaker In Your Pocket

Online sports betting gives Canadians the ability to decide when and where they want to place wagers on their favourite teams or players.

With sports betting apps your smartphone becomes your own personal bookmaker. No more travelling to betting shops and waiting in line for sub standard odds and diminished payouts.

Online sports betting does not keep to office hours or force you to bet on a limited selection of sporting events. You have a world of sporting action right at your finger tips.