Tycoons Slot from Betsoft Developers

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Tycoons Slot from Betsoft Developers

Betsoft’s Tycoons slot game aims to allow players from all walks of life a chance to sample the pleasures of the luxurious world of big money, and transports those who choose to start enjoying it into a world inhabited by the rich and famous, where high-stakes poker games and all the comforts of excessive wealth are the order of the day. Special features that are able to award extraordinary amounts of money are provided for, and a good variety of high-paying symbols are able to appear on the reels of this game.

The Basics of Tycoons Slot Play

Tycoons slot forms part of Betsoft’s 3D line of games, and is made up of 30 lines and five reels for play. The game has very extensive animations available, with top of the line graphics and realistic sound-effects that allows players to immerse themselves in the game no matter where they may be accessing it from. Play unfolds in an opulent mansion, and players can listen to the tinkling water of a nearby fountain as they try to line up images on the reels.

The object of Tycoons slot is to land as many identical images alongside one another as is possible, with these ranging in type for low-value icons to those that are able to deliver higher rewards. The images include bottles of champagne; various sports cards; cash symbols; and gold icons. The biggest rewards are linked to the four tycoons for whom the game is named, with a top prize of 500 credits for each coin wagered possible by means of them.

Additional Features for Tycoons Slot

There are many extra features provided for in Tycoons slot, all of which have the express idea of allowing players a manner in which to secure the lifestyle represented by the theme for the slots NZ in real life. Free spins are made available when a minimum of three tycoons appear on the reels, with the images of these displaying a tiny “fs” symbol on the bottom right-hand corner. The free spins are awarded along with added bonuses as well: one of the reels is able to transform into a wild reel, and all the winning combos that contain the character responsible for the initial trigger are able to earn double the normal prize each time they appear.

Betsoft has once again employed a reward for a special combination of symbols landed, triggering a bonus round when they do. In Tycoons slot this will happen when the stack of gold bars; wad of cash and chequebook appear on any row, no matter which order they do so in, and players will be given the chance to select one in order to reveal an instant prize when this happens.

The poker game bonus is the most potentially lucrative, with this portion of play being triggered when at least three of the poker symbols land anywhere not he reels. Players will then be transported to a second screen, where the four tycoons are enjoying game of cards at the poker table displayed. Players are asked to choose the tycoon they feel is most likely to win and then wait and see if guess has been correct. The longer the tycoon selected by the player is able to stay in the game the higher the reward becomes.