How to Play Pokies     

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How to Play Pokies     


Before you learn how to play pokies, it’s an excellent idea to know exactly how these games work. When played online, an RNG, or Random Number Generator determines pokies results.

An RNG is built into the game’s software and each result is completely unique. The previous spins’ results have no bearing on the following spin, and players shouldn’t be able to predict what will happen next. RNG’s run all the time, so even when a game isn’t being played, they are constantly creating new results.

Many players claim to be able to work out a strategy with a pokies game, but thanks to the RNG, this isn’t possible. That doesn’t mean that a betting strategy or system cant be implement though, and many Australians use positive and negative progression systems to improve their payout potential. Now that you know how pokies work, lets find out how to play them!

Classic Reel Pokies

The original pokies games had only 3 reels and a single payline, and are incredibly easy to play. Classic reel pokies are a great start for any new player and all you need to do is place a bet, hit spin and wait and see whether you line up a wining combination. These games may feature a single bonus symbol, but often they are incredibly straightforward and winning simply depends on whether or not you have a matching set of icons on the payline.

Video Pokies

Video pokies are still incredibly easy to play, but they differ a bit from the classic reel games. If you want to learn how to play pokies, video pokies are perhaps not the best place to start, although they are very basic and you should soon get the hang of them. The free games give you the ideal platform to find out how these games work, and can be instrumental in setting you up for success at a later date.

In video pokies you may find that there are anything form 1 to 100 paylines, or more, or that the Ways to Win format has been introduced, and symbols simply have to line up in a required formation to trigger a win. You’ll be required to wager both the number of coins you wish to bet and the number of lines you wish to activate, and often a pokies game will have a maxbet option, where you can wager the highest number of coins and activate all the paylines.

To begin a game you’ll need to place your bets, usually using the + and – keys next to the lines and coins tabs. If you are lucky enough to line up a winning combination, it will be highlighted and you’ll be paid out accordingly. To find out what each symbol combinations pays out, you can check the online casino nz games paytable.

In video pokies there are also often bonus rounds and special symbols. The most common special symbols are the Wild and Scatter. The Wild generally stands in for any other standard symbol to complete a winning payline, whilst the Scatter can appear anywhere on the reels and a number of these symbols can result in a reward, or an activation of the bonus game.

Now that you know how to play pokies, you can also progress onto progressive jackpot and megaspin games, both of which are based on the classic reel and video pokies layout.