Technology’s Effect on Sports

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Technology’s Effect on Sports

Technology’s Effect on Sports

It comes as little surprise that the sporting industry has indeed come a long way over the past 60 years, carving out for itself something of a niche for itself and possessing roots so deep that there is next to no chance of the industry seeing a decline anywhere in the near future.

While this can be linked largely to the fact that unlike other industries that have customers and sports has die-hard fans, previous years have seen a steady rise in the use of technology in the world of sports. This essentially helps amplify the fans’ love of the game, enhances an athlete’s profile in the public eye and can even influence the way in which a contest is waged.

Smart Helmets

While many think of technology as mobile and online, which has certainly revolutionised the world of gambling and sports betting, there are certain technologies that appear to go unnoticed and the smart helmets used in professional football are a perfect example.

Following lawsuits that were filed by NFL and NHL players due to the leagues concealing the true long-term repercussions of concussion, there have been policies set in place to aid in reducing head injuries.

The helmets that are worn by these players now contain sensor and magnet technology that detect and then disperse the impact of collisions, while at the same time the magnet spreads and absorbs the force. What’s more, sideline staff wirelessly receive a notification of collision, which essentially allows them to get a genuine concussion diagnosis.

Virtual Reality

It may not be a shocking fact that VR technology has allowed those that aren’t able to get their hands on tickets and wish to be placed at the heart of the games they feel so passionately about can now see it become a reality.

This form of technology has already started to impact the industry of sports, with many tech-savvy establishments using VR technology to aid in train athletes as well as broadcast the various live sporting events to avid punters in New Zealand.

Online and Mobile Sports Betting

Last, but most certainly not least, the world of gambling, and sports betting has forever been changed due to the technology that has been created and introduced to the gambling and sports betting industries.

New Zealand punters are now able to get the full, thrilling experience that they hope for at the various live sporting events that are available to them thanks to online and mobile technology giving rise to a plethora of betting opportunities on the go. There are a large number of things that have influenced the sporting world, and there is no doubt that technology sits at the forefront.

Tech Assists in Refereeing and Adjudication

The referees, linesmen and umpires have a fairly difficult job, which is essentially making calls on the spot under an immense amount of pressure and with full knowledge that their decisions could ultimately affect the outcomes of games and people’s lives.

Because of human error and the sensitivity involved with this type of responsibility, a number of sport bodies have introduced technology into sports to increase the accuracy of calls, such as goal-line technology.

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