Showtime Reels Slot Game

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Showtime Reels Slot Game

The slot machine was designed to be a true game of chance. The device has thrilled people since its invention more than a hundred years ago.  The very first slot machine, called the Liberty Bell, and had three reels and one pay line.

In due course, there was an increase in the number of these machines produced around the world. The three reel slots games that so enchanted the casino world for five decades, and developed such a following are known as classic slots games. The core functionality of the real money online pokies game was simple. Line up some identical symbols and win a pay-out. In the beginning these machines were operated using a lever to spin the reels. This drew the nickname of ‘one armed bandit’. These classic games often had fruit symbols on the reels, started incidentally by slot machines that paid out in bubble gum, and the flavour was determined by the fruit symbols.

A Game Like the Classic Slots

Today the slot machine industry has advanced to include at least 5 reels, often 40 or 50 pay lines, second screen games, interactive video games, and constant innovation. Classic slots today is often just referred to in terms of style, and the 3 reel slots games have become ever more scarce.

Showtime is a result of this yearning for old style classic slots games. Belonging to a group of free classic casino games that have been produced for simple enjoyable and fun classic slots play. The theme of Showtime Reels free online slot is all things cinema-related. The slot machine has 3 reels and they are situated like a movie screen at a cinema. The software developers of this nostalgic creation is PariPlay, a small time casino games software developer. Although played for free, the player has the chance of winning a jackpot worth 100 000 coins.

Pure Slots Play Entertainment

Like the slot machines of old, Showtime Reels has a very simple and straightforward pay table. So simple in fact, that it can easily be fitted onto a small table next to the slots game. All the symbols are listed, and the winning combinations as well as their values. The aim of the game is to land 3 identical symbols along one of the 8 pay lines and collect the related winnings. The symbols on the reels in Showtime Reels are all related to the cinema. The sole variation is that the picture of a movie ticket pays for one and two symbols in a line.

The spin bet amounts in Showtime Reels slots game can be adjusted from 0.1 to 10 coins per spin. There are also 3 different betting levels combined in this free casino slot. The declared jackpot can only be won if the maximum amount is wagered, like the slots games of yore.

Technical Showtime Details

The Showtime Reels slots game is played online only. The game requires no download, no registration and no waiting. Well designed, the game play is authentic and completed in great detail. PariPlay games are of very high quality in terms of visuals, graphics, functional animation, background music and game controls. A game that is meant entirely for fun and the entertainment of classic slots play.