Play Casino Game Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic Online Slot

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Play Casino Game Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic Online Slot

With a Maximum payout of 5000, the Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic Online Slot game has many features that will attract a whole variety of different online and mobile players. The game has 5 reels, with a total of 20 pay lines. This is not a progressive slot type of game, and as such the jackpots, as well as the other prizes, are at a fixed value every time you log in to play. The game does however; offer scatter symbols and wild symbols, that function in much the same way as most other modern online slot games.

The Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic Online Slot also offers players with the gamble feature, which gives players the opportunity of doubling their winnings at any point in the game. Of course, the gamble button does come with a risk, and that risk is the potential of losing your most recent winnings. As such, some players will make use of this, while others might feel that there is too much risk involved. The use of the gamble feature is entirely at the player’s discretion, and so can be used whenever they would like.

Pharaoh’s Ring Game Symbols

The theme of the Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic online casino slot game is that of Ancient Egypt, with symbols such as pharaohs, gravesites, pyramids, and tablets. The game also features the standard high playing card symbols, such as the Jack, Queen, King, and of course the Ace. Players can select how many pay lines will be activated during each spin, and can also set the value of the coins.

Players can start playing by using of the autoplay option that is provided in the Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic Online Slot. This feature is almost standard amongst most online slot games. It basically gives players the freedom of ensuring the reels keep spinning, without actually requiring the player to hit the spin button each and every time. This feature can quite easily be toggled on and off at any point in the game. As such, it can be really useful at some points.

The Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic Online Slot game does have another interesting feature, and that is the Additional Bet button. By pressing this button at any stage, players are able to increase the bet per individual spin by 25%.

Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic Online Slot Wild Symbol

The special symbol that casino online players should look out for in the Pharaoh’s Ring Novomatic Slot game is the Pharaoh’s Ring symbol. This symbol can make normal combinations as and of itself, but it is also able to replace the variety of other game icons.

If three or more of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels, players will be rewarded with 10 free spins, which will be active based on the current stake. If the extra bet feature has been activated, the symbol can appear on either the 2nd or the 4th reel. This acts as yet another wild symbol, and can thus create a whole range of new winning combinations.

For full details about this as well as all the other winning combinations, players can easily refer to the paytable that comes along with the slot game.