Overview of Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel And Casino

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Overview of Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel And Casino

It’s certainly no secret that Las Vegas is home to some iconic landmarks that have earned their place in the hearts of casino lovers from all over the world. The city is known for creating an atmosphere in which players can revel in all of the fun and excitement that has become associated with casinos over the past several decades. One of the most famed resorts in which to do this is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Established in 1995, this Hard Rock has attracted tourists ever since and measures in at an incredible 16.7 acres of land. It is located on the world-renowned Las Vegas strip on the corner of Harmon and Paradise Roads.

A Brief History

Although this resort was built in 1995 with a “no expenses spared” approach, it was later expanded upon in 1999 due to sheer demand. Just eight years after that, in 2007, it was further expanded.

Peter Morton, who was the co-founder of the Hard Rock Café, initially built the hotel. In 2006, it was bought over by the Morgans Hotel Group for the impressive sum of $770 million. Just four years prior to that, however, John Entwistle, the famed bass guitarist from The Who, passed away in Room 658, a deluxe suite. And while management initially refused to announce the room number out of respect to Entwistle, it was soon discovered that many of his fans visited the resort as a means of paying tribute to him.

Nightlife And Entertainment

Essentially, what the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas serves as is a little city that guest very seldom have to leave. With a massive casino featuring all of the industry’s greatest classics like table games and online pokies games in NZ, as well as a spa and fitness centre, the resort also boasts an impressive array of nightlife spots. These include the likes of The Joint, which is one of America’s most iconic rock clubs. The original version of this club closed its doors in February of 2009, but by April of the same year, it was reopened. Some of the world’s biggest rock bands have taken to The Joint’s stage, and the venue can hold up to 4000 patrons.

Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is also home to Vanity Nightclub. This massive venue measures up to 14 000 square feet, and many of Hollywood’s famous people have hosted parties there, including Sean Combs.

The Most Recent Expansion

In 2010, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino went through yet another expansion. This time, two new hotel towers were built. Here, a shopping haven was housed, where guests could browse through the catalogues of some of the world’s high-end brands. Furthermore, this section of the resort also brought about a number of new restaurants and fine dining establishments.

Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has plenty to offer its guests and over the past few years, has continued to expand in order to ensure they never have to want for anything.

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