Online French Roulette Betting Options

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Online French Roulette Betting Options

When it comes to classic casino games, Roulette is certainly one of the most popular games around. Almost every land-based and online casino offers roulette as part of their line-up of table and card games. At online casinos, players will find two versions of the game, the most popular version is French Roulette, or European Roulette. This game differs from the American version in that it only has a single space for the 0 while the American version has a double 0 on the wheel. In the notes below, we are going to look at how the game works and how to play online for free or for real money.

A High-Stakes Game of Chance

Roulette is a game that is mostly based on luck. There is no way to determine which number the ball will drop into. In this respect, the game differs from card games in that no real strategy is required. Player do however adopt betting strategies such as the martingale system to try and offset their losses. In the online version of the game, the results are determined using random number generators. Unlike online roulette Australia a game of French Roulette begins with the player placing his or her bet on the roulette table. In the online version of the game, this can be done by clicking on the chips at the bottom of the screen and placing them in the betting area on the table.

The Game Setup

A game of French Roulette consists of a large betting table and a roulette wheel. The wheel itself is divided into 37 pockets and numbered from 1 to 36 which are coloured in red and black. There is a single space reserved for the 0 which is coloured in green. There are a number of different types of bets that can be placed on any one spin. For beginners, the easiest way to get started playing French Roulette is to place a red or black bet. This is a simple bet where the player places a wager on whether the ball will drop onto a red number or a black number. A correct bet will pay out 1:1. Another simple bet to place is an odds or evens bet. Similar to red or black, the player bets on whether the ball will and on an odd number or an even number. The payout is also 1:1.

French Roulette Betting Options

The third bet that pays out 1:1 is the high or low bet. In this bet the numbers on the wheel are split from 1-18 and 19-36. Players place a bet on whether the ball will drop on the high set of number or the low set of numbers. With French Roulette, there are also a number of higher paying bets that are more difficult to place. One bet splits the numbers into three sets of 12. Here players must pick which set of 12, they think the ball will drop into. Players can also bet on a specific number from 1-36 or a combination of all the various bets. Once the bets have been placed right here, the wheel is spun and the ball drops into a slot. The various bets are then paid out. If the ball drops onto the green 0, the player loses their bet.