Online casino Entertainment in Ireland

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Online casino Entertainment in Ireland

For many years the people of Ireland had to go down to the local brick and mortar casino in order to try their Irish Luck at possibly winning a jackpot.  Leprechauns, unfortunately, are few and far between these days, so one has to find other ways of gaining access to pots of gold. The modern answer to this is to make use of an online casino.

Online casinos in Ireland are swiftly growing in popularity, as they come with the convenience of not having to brave the Irish weather in order to play casino games for real money. grants players from Ireland access to a large number of casino games, many of which come with special bonuses.

Online Casino Incentives

Online casinos have taken off in the last few years with the advent of the smart phones and faster internet. So many of them are available to players from Ireland that they have to compete to attract new members. One of the ways in which an online casino attracts new members is to offer a range of bonuses and promotions to both new players as well as existing ones.

Welcome bonuses are aimed at getting new players to not only sign up with the casino but also deposit their first amount of money into their account. A welcome bonus is an amount of money with which the casino will match your initial few deposits. Usually, the very first one is matched to a lower percentage, and the following ones are matched higher in order to get you to carry on using the casino’s services. So for example, should you deposit fifty Euros, the casino may match that up to 50% and add an extra twenty five Euro to your account. This extra money can be used to play certain games in the casino.

No deposit bonuses are given to new players before they have to deposit any money of their own. These are designed to whet the appetite of prospective members; giving them an idea of what the casino is all about and what sort of games they have on offer. The amount of a no deposit bonus varies from casino to casino, so be sure to look around and at to find the bonus that suits you the best.

Loyalty programs are similar to the ones that can be found in brick and mortar casinos across the world. These are aimed at existing members in order to keep them loyal to the online casino. A loyalty program usually works on points, with members earning points for various things including playing games and entering tournaments. Points can then be cashed in for a number of things including free spins and in some cases real money. Loyalty programs have tiers, so the more points that you earn the higher on the ladder you can climb.

Finding An Online Casino

To access an online casino in Ireland, you will need to have a suitable device. As these casinos use the internet as a base, obviously your device, be it a computer or a mobile device, will have to have internet access.  Computers are the old original way of accessing the internet, with internet café’s cropping up on street corners all over Ireland offering the layman access. These days, however, most of the population makes use of mobile devices.

To use your mobile device to access an online casino or, you will need to ensure that it is fact a newer smart model. A smart phone or tablet should be able to make use of apps, and allow one to play games. Modern mobile technology is very good for playing online casino games as they have large, sensitive touch screens, which make playing games an immersing experience.

To find an online casino in Ireland, you need only to search using your web browser. Type in and page through a large number of options on offer. Bear in mind that to begin playing real money online casino games you will have to create an account with the casino first, and probably provide them with your identification details along with your bank details. This is to ensure that you are over the legal age limit and capable of using an online casino.

How Safe Are Online Casinos in Ireland?

There are a large number of online casinos available to players from Ireland. Most of them are legit and above board, although it always pays to make sure of this before simply trusting their website and depositing any money into their account.

The first thing that an online casino makes use of is something called an SSL Encryption Layer. This stands for Secure Socket Layer, which can come in either 128 or 256 Bit. And SSL layer is the same technology that is made use of by large financial institutions such as banks. This software ensures the safety of your personal details as they travel between the casino’s servers and your personal device or computer. This traveling time is when most cyber criminals strike, gaining access to sensitive details. Large, popular and safe online casinos often have this information on their web page. Take the time to look around a bit on their page and get to know how the casino works.

Safe and secure online casinos have a very good customer service record. These reviews should be available online for many people to find, so take the time to read them. A real review from a real player will show how the casino treats its members and whether they are secure or not. They should also be available at all times to be contacted by their members via a number of ways. Many online casinos have the usual telephone and email, but some are now offering live chat as well so that you, as a member, can ask any questions that you have regarding how they work, or even advice on how to play their games.

Modern online pokies Australia casinos offer today’s players the chance to play real money casino games from pretty much anywhere in Ireland, as long as they have a decent internet connection. Many of these casinos are safe and secure when working with real money, but it is always up to you as a player to ensure this. offers players access to a wide world of online casino games in Ireland, offering them the chance to win a jackpot, or even just while away another rainy afternoon with some well designed graphics and engaging gameplay.