Harness Racing At Mildura 

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Harness Racing At Mildura 

Spectators and punters flock to the stands for annual harness racing action at Mildura racetrack. With an assortment of winning wagering opportunities, punters will be delighted with the variety within the discipline.

The sport makes use of a driver in tow behind a standard bred horse, attached to the filly by means of a sulky. Punters opting for betting action at Mildura should be aware that harness racing incorporates two distinct gaits including trotting and pacing.

Trotting And Pacing

Trotting is a slow and steady run that makes use of a jockeys control over the stallion and is vitally linked to the horses form. Standard bred horses are fairly easily trained for distinct disciplines, however a trotting event at Mildura requires precise discipline.

Horses over stepping the boundary slightly may be judged by acts of disqualification. With this in mind punters opting for featured betting events at Mildura should consider the horse and the jockey jointly.

Pacing is a moderate gallop, which allows both horse and jockey to achieve a more consistent pace.

Training a standard bred horse to pace is slightly less demanding than trotting practice with great online betting NZ,  and punters should consider these implications when betting harness racing at Mildura.

Feature Events At Mildura

Mildura racetrack plays host to some thrilling harness racing action. Punters in quest of high-octane harness racing action will be delighted with the line up of feature events that the track has on offer.

The 2017 season kicks out of the gates with the $14 000 Mildura Trotters Cup on the sixth of April 2017. The $60 000 Mildura Pacing Cup final will be held on the eighth of April.

Other special events held at Mildura racetrack include the $30 000 Gurry And Associates Cup Final, the $20 000 Loddon Valley Stud FFA and the $20 000 Mildura Guineas.

Specs And Records

Punters should consider the tracks specs in order to obtain a holistic approach to harness racing betting at Mildura.

With a circumference of 810 meters, the length of the home straight 183 meters and the radius of turns 70 meters, Mildura runs on granitic sand.

These tight specs favour discipline, a golden thread that runs through all trotting events. Pacers will enjoy a lengthy home straight on the hardened surface adapted for electrifying finishes.

Consistency Is Key

Punters in quest of valuable bets at Mildura racetrack and all harness racing events should follow the horse and drivers combined consistency.

In trotting the horse and driver need to have graceful timing in one smooth flowing motion. Pacing requires less precision; punters should follow with a horses build up from race to race for more holistic betting accounts.

Races leading up to Mildura are helpful positioning pins, which allow for handicapping horses over or under the bookmakers values.

Record Runners 

Mildura racetrack has hosted some of the finest standard bred horses participating in the sport.

In 2016 the pacers record was adapted three times. Beachstar finished 2016 on a high, shaving the 2009 record by a whopping nine seconds set by Campbell Wallace.

The trotters record for 2016 is 2.02.7 set by Our Twentyten NZ. In true trotter form the record has only improved by 2.3 seconds since 2002 when Stirling Kiwi NZ set a time of 2.04.4.