Guides for Online Betting in Australia

Casino & Sports Betting Insights That are Definitely NOT Garbage

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Guides for Online Betting in Australia

Whether you are an experienced punter or just starting out in the world of online betting, a good betting guide is a must have if you are interested in finding out about the ins and outs of wagering online. Betting types, although broadly similar, do vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and depend on the sport they’re covering, but a good understanding of the basics will help you pick and choose with ease.

The better British bookmakers allow for more than just the win/lose bets you may have been enjoying on the side with pals every time football season rolls around, and you can discover all the interesting details by means of the online betting guide they offer their patrons. Knowing what goes into the process of making more successful bets, and how exactly your payouts are determined can only increase your enjoyment of the process, and you may even find a whole new way to enjoy a pastime you’ve been dipping into for years.

Examples of Less Well Known Bets

Moneyline bets are those that offer neither a handicap nor a spread, and the team deemed most likely to win will offer lower odds than the one viewed as the underdog every time. Spread bets are those in which the sportsbook has assigned a handicap to a team or player, and is a popular method for bookmakers to encourage wagers on teams not as well regarded for the win.

In this example Chelsea could be seen as likely to triumph over Manchester United, so the sportsbook in question assigns points in order to have the lines read C -2, MU +2. If you chose to bet on Chelsea in this example, you will need to subtract two points from the final score in order to deduce whether or not your bet had won you any money. For this to be the case, the final score would need to have Chelsea in the lead by three points.

Teaser bets allow you to bring together wagers on two or more different games. While still being able to tweak the points spread for each one, all of the bets would need to be won in order for you to be paid out on them.

Puck, goal line or run bets are great alternatives to straight wagers in soccer. These bets feature fixed points spread, and allow bettor much higher payouts for the preferred team than those in moneyline bets.

Futures bets take place over a much longer period of time, way before the season for the sport in question even begins, and can extend over several months. While you will fall out of the wager if your team or athlete loses during the course of the season, you will only be able to collect your winnings when it has drawn to a close.

Use a Betting Guide to Place Solid Bets

There is always something to be said for finding new ways to enjoy the sporting events you love, and a good Crown Oaks betting guide does exactly that. When you start discovering the details on wagers available for it you may well find yourself enjoying it that much more, and putting a little extra money in your pocket at the end of every game.

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