Bewitched Online Slots Explanation for Players

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Bewitched Online Slots Explanation for Players

Bewitched is a fun and exciting online slots game that is based on the timeless American fantasy sitcom of the 1960’s.  What makes this game unique is the fact that it captivates the attention of the player immediately by requesting interaction in the form of requiring input.  This fun slot prompts you at onset to choose your very own enchantress.  Take a pick between the wicked witch on your left and her slightly more charming counterpart on your right.  Making your choice between the two varying personalities, will automatically start the Bewitched game.

Bewitched is a five reel slot that affords the flexibility of being able to bet on anything from 1 to 15 lines. You are completely in control of your wagers during play, and you choose the currency value as well as the bet amount for each line.  You control the total stake for each spin.

Bewitched Reel Symbols

This five reel slot is set against the background of bright stars sparkling in the night sky and a watchful enchantress on either side of the screen, keeping a watchful guard over the slots.  Cartoon like symbols give this game a very fun and informal feel, and the bright colours add to the pleasant visual experience.

On your journey you will come across witches, frogs donning beautiful crowns, enchanted castles, ancient books and a mysterious moon, to name only a few of the symbols to watch out for when playing Bewitched.

Special Symbols To Look Out For

Also keep an eye out for the special symbols this game has to offer like the scatter, the wild and the bonus round activating symbols.

The wild symbol features an Owl and is one of the most lucrative special symbols of the game.  The Owl does not only bring good fortune in the way of large pay outs, but can also quite magically morph into the form of other symbols to complete a winning combination on a pay line.

The Scatter symbol is a little rascal of a symbol, and can be present in active and inactive lines.  When two of these special symbols pop up you are granted a pay-out anywhere from two times the bet value to up to two hundred times. Bewitched always retains the element of surprise, and the scatter symbol also sparks the combat between the two witches, and in case your witch emerges triumphantly, additional prizes will be heading your way.

Once you hit a bonus symbol, Bewitched rewards you with one bonus round.

Bonus Rounds

The Bewitched Bonus Round takes players of online casino slots onto a magical new screen that creates a perfect balance between vivid colours and chance. You get to mix up your own magic concoction, a new and surprising element, and you might just end up winning a lot of credits, getting a chance to participate in the progressive Jackpot or to score a few extra spins.