Betting On Super Rugby Championship

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Betting On Super Rugby Championship

The Super Rugby Championship is one of the toughest and most gruelling rugby championships known to man.

With Southern Hemisphere giants New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina and newcomers Japan taking to the field, super rugby betting opens up a field of rugby betting opportunity.

All super rugby betting fans can dive right into the action from the 23rd of February to the 15th of July 2017. The top contenders progressing out of the preceding knockout rounds, will do battle for the super rugby cup in an epic final on the 5th of August 2017.

Top Super Rugby Contenders

The 2017 instalment of super rugby boasts 18 teams. Kiwis will be delighted to know that New Zealand continues to dominate the super rugby championship.

The Crusaders, the most successful team in the competition with a whopping seven title wins and the Hurricanes snatching the 2016 super rugby championship, New Zealand’s rugby teams are set for another year of incredible top class rugby.

Punters opting for super rugby betting options should look at ranked standings and team progress in order to calculate more valuable bets.

Super Rugby Betting Tips 

Recent new developments for the Chiefs, with Cooper named head coach and the commitment of Franks to the Crusaders all the way through to 2019 make for thrilling super rugby betting decisions.

With all kiwi super rugby squads almost completely finalized, the quality of New Zealand rugby is undoubtedly the finest in the world and set to continue its dominating display of gripping rugby performances, allowing for fierce super rugby betting odds.

With the 2016 event winners the Hurricanes all set on a final squad and pre warm up matches beginning to spark interest, the New Zealand side is set to defend its 2016 title, hoping for another.

Kiwi punters looking to get started with other niche super rugby betting markets should consider individual players and the X factor they could add to the team.

Top Point Scorers 

In order to evaluate a team their individual assets should be considered. Punters seeking thrilling niche super rugby betting options might consider the top point scorers as a starting point for valuable super rugby betting.

Top point scorer Beauden Barret of the Hurricanes boasts an impressive 223 points. The Chiefs Damian McKenzie is sitting tight at the number two spot with a respectable 199 points and Lions player Elton Jantjies at number three with 190 points.

Look For Valuable Handicaps 

One of the most popular super rugby online betting options is handicap betting. Bookmakers place negative handicaps on the stronger teams and positive handicaps on the weaker team.

In order to effectively determine a valuable super rugby betting handicap option, kiwis must first have more insight into the two teams.

Injuries can play a large part in determining valuable super rugby betting handicaps. With this market intrinsically linked to the point’s difference of over and under predictions, key players and top point scorers should be considered from holistic and diverse approaches.