A Glance at Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery

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A Glance at Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery

The feature that sets Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery apart from other venues, is, as the name says, the addition of an on location brewery. This means that guests are treated to a full menu of luxurious beers at the local bar, allowing for taste testing sessions that are sure to last well into the night.

This downtown Las Vegas venue also features a striking Victorian theme, seen in the décor of every room, as well as the furnishings of the casino and restaurants. Be sure to make your bookings online and in advance for best rates. For more details about online bookings, please do not hesitate to contact the customer support centre. Please note that late cancellations may be subject to penalty fees, depending on the amount of time remaining until booking dates are due.

Entertainment and Live Shows

The Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery does not have the long lists of live entertainment found at other hotel venues, but does feature the amazing Fremont Street experience. This includes an indoor street, flanked on either side by the many eating venues. The street features not only the world’s largest LED screen, but also periodically hosts live music and other events. To see what events are coming up, visit the appropriate page on the website.

Boar’s Head Bar and Brewery

The Boar’s Head Bar at Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery is where guests may get their taste of the exclusively brewed beers. Kick back, relax, take in the authentic Victorian décor, and make your pick from the extensive lists of decedent beers. Don’t forget, however, that due to popularity, it is wise for gests wanting to visit the bar to make bookings in advance.

Dining Venues

Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery has a modest two eating venues, which is relatively few in comparison to other Las Vegas accommodations. The restaurants are, however, housed beside the central entertainment location of the hotel, and are just a short walk away from the enormous casino section. This intuitive setup provides excellent convenience and an electric ambience, making patrons feel part of the excitement, even when sitting down for a meal. Also take note that a short walk, just over a bridge to the sister venue next-door, will have guests in the shopping hub of Las Vegas, with dozens of luxurious stores ready to offer an shopping experience only found in the entertainment capital of the world.

On Location Casino Services

Main Street Station Hotel and Casino and Brewery offer an exceptionally large gambling section, occupying much of the ground floor of the venue. Like the gaming availability at https://gamblingonline.net.nz/reviews/ruby-fortune/ casino, the expected blackjack, poker and roulette are all available, as well as a slot machine area that stretches from one end of the hotel to the other. Featuring an open plan, it is possible for guests to enjoy a meal, then step directly onto the gambling floor for a few spins of roulette. Professional staff are also ready and waiting to help with dedicated gambling tables for groups and corporate functions; a service available to any group who requests a table in advance.

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