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So, Shirley: Who do you think you are?April 20th 2005
Born in Scotland 38 years ago, this Garbage singer is known as “frog eyes” and loves to watch the NBA and use the “C” word.

Your self-portrait says "Le Mepris." What Does That Mean?
Le Mépris is a French movie by Jean-Luc Godard. I was watching it while I was drawing the picture. It means “contempt,” which is such a fantastic word. My dad’s always saying, “Why do you have to be so full of contempt for everything?”

And what's the Answer?
I think it’s being a redhead. Having red hair is like having a tattoo—it’s indelible. When you’re really small you have this feeling that you’re not the same as everybody else, and it carves out your personality.

One odd thing about your self-portrait?
Yes, doctor?

There are scars on your throat and above your heart.
I had vocal surgery just before making this record, which was a big ordeal. And I had a tumor cut in my breast, so I have this huge scar now, a real scar.

Is the new Garbage record also full of scars?
Every record is, for every artist. That’s what songs are.

What was your nickname in school?
Occasionally I was called “Frog Eyes” or “Bloodhound.” I have these huge, bulging eyes. The nicknames were really cruel, and I found them utterly devastating. I don’t know if I was ever well-adjusted, but I was an A student until I was about 14. Then I was bullied at school. When you’re bullied, it remains a motivating factor for the rest of your life.

Who was your worst boyfriend?
He gave me V.D. I was about 18 or 19, and he didn't tell me he'd given me V.D. Instead, he slipped a note from the health center, asking me to come in for a checkup, inside a Valentine Day's card. Really charming. And I never saw the note. Eventually I discovered I had V.D. because the symptoms became so appalling.

I don't think Hallmart has a card for those occasions. What's your favourite curse?
"Fucking cunt." American women seem horrified by my use of "cunt." When you use it in America, you have delivered a foul blow. Scots just think it's really funny.

What medication are you on?
I'm so chock-full of pills I literally couldn't even tell you how many I take. It's frightening. I have pills to fix everything.

Are they working?
You tell me.

Judging from the new record, not so much. What kind of drunk are you?
A happy drunk. I used to be quite a heavy drinker, because everyone from Scotland is. The weather's so bad that we spend a lot of time indoors. It doesn't take much to get me drunk anymore.

How would you characterize your taste in sex? Kiky? Vanilla? Lusty? Bored?
I'm all of the above.

What's your favourite legal drug?
The San Antonio Spurs. About four years ago I spotted Tim Duncan taking some free throws, and I became an insane basketball freak. I have NBA League Pass on my TiVo, and I spend revolving amounts of money on tickets. But I never want to meet Tim dunca; I just want to idolize him from afar.

Talk us through your worst haircut.
In 2001, I dyed it blonde but left one side of it longish. That was unatractive! I was in a deep depression, and it alleviated a lot of the stress, because I disappeared into being somebody else.

So, Shirley: Who do you think you are?
Doctor, surely you can tell me. That's why I've come to you in the first place.

Sorry, but our session is up.
I'll see you the same time next week, yeah?

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