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Fatigue takes Garbage outSeptember 10th 2005

Despite Garbage's short breakup in 2003, singer Shirley Manson says fans shouldn't read too much into last week's decision to cancel the European leg of the band's tour, which visits Phoenix on Monday.

"I've been on the go since January, and I think we all just feel a little burnt out" Manson says. "We came to the conclusion that we shouldn't carry on without having a break. Any stuff that you read about our future is bogus, because it's completely undetermined as yet."

Given her onstage star power, Manson says a solo album is a possibility after Garbage decides on its future.


"I'm sure I will continue making music . . . if and when Garbage decided that we've come to an impasse. But right now, I'm fully committed to Garbage.

"I don't make big plans. I just take life as it comes."

(source: Larry Rodgers, The Arizona Republic - Full article - Thanks to mar at )