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New Garbage Single Will Be Released On MondayJuly 15th 2007

The new Garbage single 'Tell Me Where It Hurts' will be released on Monday.
The lead single from their new Greatest Hits album 'Absolute Garbage', 'Tell Me Where It Hurts' will be available on three formats:
-2 track CD - Including an exclusive B-Side of the amazing new track 'Betcha'!
-3 track DVD - With additional 'Making Of ... Tell Me Where It Hurts' directed by Sophie Mueller.
-7" - Including a remix of the Garbage track 'Bad Boyfriend'.

Garbage Releases New Best Of AlbumMay 22nd 2007




Limited Edition 2-CD Set Includes Disc Of Remixes By Renowned DJs

Garbage has its first "best of" collection--the CD and DVD collections, Absolute Garbage will be released July 16th and July 17th in US and Canada. Along with the new track "Tell Me Where It Hurts," Absolute Garbage features 17 songs of extreme and intense emotion, from "Stupid Girl," "Queer" and "#1 Crush" to "Special," "Bleed Like Me" and "Why Do You Love Me."

Among the 15 Garbage music videos on DVD for the first time -- including "Vow," "Only Happy When It Rains," "Stupid Girl," "Milk" and "Queer" -- is almost an hour of never-before-seen footage backstage and behind-the-scenes, live performances and interviews, spanning the band's entire career.

A special limited edition 2-CD set adds to the original CD a bonus disc of remixes by some of the world's most renowned DJs, including U.N.K.L.E., Massive Attack, Todd Terry, Crystal Method, Fun Lovin' Criminals, and Felix Da Housecat.

Stay tuned to for more news to come on Absolute Garbage.

"Tell Me Where It Hurts" Single Garbage will release a brand new single entitled "Tell Me Where It Hurts" on July 9th on Warner Bros. Records (excluding North America). The single, recorded especially for inclusion on Absolute Garbage, will be released ahead of the "best of" collection Absolute Garbage that follows a week later.

"Tell Me Where It Hurts" will be available on two 7" formats and one CD. Each 7" release has a different b-side ("Bad Boyfriend" (Sting Like a Bee Remix) and "All The Good In This Life") whilst the CD features "Betcha."

Absolute Garbage tracklisting:
Only Happy When It Rains
Stupid Girl
#1 Crush
Push It
I Think I’m Paranoid
When I Grow Up
You Look So Fine
The World is Not Enough
Cherry Lips
Shut Your Mouth
Why Do You Love Me
Bleed Like Me
Tell Me Where It Hurts
It's All Over But The Crying

Remix CD track listing:

DVD Tracklisting:
Only Happy When it Rains
Stupid Girl
Push It
I Think I’m Paranoid
When I Grow Up
You Look So Fine
The World is Not Enough
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
Shut Your Mouth
Why Do You Love Me
Bleed Like Me
Tell Me Where It Hurts (exNorth America ONLY)
Thanks for your uhh, Support

Shirley Manson in new PETA AdMarch 27th 2007


Shirley shames fur trade fashionistas
Sun 25 Mar 2007

SCOTTISH rock star Shirley Manson is leading a counter-attack against fur-wearing celebrities by posing in a shocking poster with the skinned carcass of a fox.

Clad in a stunning Stella McCartney evening gown, Manson holds up the skinned animal beside the provocative caption: "Here is the rest of your fur coat".

Wearing fur has once again become irresistible to a growing number of Britain's style icons including Naomi Campbell and UK-based Madonna.

But this week former Garbage singer Manson will retaliate by appearing in the hard-hitting adverts as the new face of the latest campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).

Shot in Los Angeles by top photographer Frank W Ockenfels, the image is intended to display the bloody reality behind glamorous fur ads and fashion spreads. The poster campaign will start in Edinburgh, Manson's home town, before rolling out to cities across Europe during 2007.

Manson, who is based in Los Angeles and currently recording her first solo album, said: "I believe very strongly in the ethical treatment of animals. A lot of my fans are very pro-animal rights and have often, when I have been wearing fake fur, said: 'Is that real?' and really gotten upset, and I have had to reassure them: 'No it's cool, it's fake, don't worry.'"

She added: "They have made me very conscious of it, and I am really grateful that they have made me pay attention."

In the past year, an increasing number of celebrities have unapologetically donned fur. Madonna wore a £35,000 coat made from the skins of 40 chinchillas in December. Naomi Campbell - who once posed for an anti-fur ad for Peta - followed in February flaunting a fur-trimmed parka on the catwalk. This month Kate Moss joined pro-fur stars wearing a 12-fox fur coat. Hollywood actress Sharon Stone has also been seen in fur.

Anita Singh of Peta said: "Shirley Manson feels very strongly about the fur industry. She wants to use her influence to tell people across the world that life on fur farms is hell.

"Millions of animals are beaten and battered on fur farms every year. We have videos of animals dying for their skin after being strangled or brutally smashed in the head. Many of them wake up while being skinned alive. The cruelty is the same, whether it's minx, fox, rabbit or bear."

Singh added: "More and more designers and celebrities are acknowledging the fact that it is cruel to wear fur and that fashion should be fun, not grisly. Because of the stigma attached to wearing fur, and widespread awareness about this cruel trade, most people are now ashamed of wearing fur."

Mary McGowne, founder of the Scottish Fashion Awards, said: "There has been an increasing and alarming trend over the past few seasons to use fur again by some designers.

"It's worrying that influential celebrities like Madonna now endorse fur as a fashion commodity. Such endorsement penetrates the public.

"It's so important that other celebrities, like Manson, support Peta's campaign. If people knew the process involved in producing a fur garment, I'm sure they would vomit."

Twenty years ago, fur-wearing women were splattered by paint in the street as widespread public awareness about the trade prompted protests against the pro-fur minority.

But in recent times Elizabeth Jagger has been spotted in a jacket with fox fur detail, Sophie Dahl has been photographed in a white mink coat with a fox fur collar, and actress Melanie Griffith has been sighted in a jacket trimmed with fox and rabbit fur.

Members of the general public are following suit. Recent figures show that British fur sales have increased by a third in two years to £500m and worldwide by some 25%. Now Harrods is selling fur again, along with high-street shop Joseph.

Frank Zilberkweit, a director of the British Fur Trade Association and owner of the long-established London furrier Hockley, said: "You just need to look at this year's London Fashion Week. Everyone is using it. It's popularity is not confined to London. Go to New York, Milan or Paris and you'll see top names using fur. Around 400 designers worldwide used fur in their latest collection.

"Peta is employing a cheap stunt by using a fox carcass. It's a cowardly and shameful attempt to try to condemn a real industry that provides employment while regulating standards in animal welfare."

Anti-fur celebrities include Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham and Jordan, all of whom have said they would rather go naked than wear fur. This month, former Baywatch actress and glamour girl Anderson sent fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger flowers after he vowed to go fur-free.

Several high-street fashion retailers have also made the fur-free promise. Top Shop, Harvey Nichols, Oasis and Monsoon have strict no-fur policies. Meanwhile, leading designers such as Calvin Klein and McCartney have banned fur.

Not so stupid girlJuly 7th 2006

(Source: TimesOnline)

Not so stupid girl

Turning 40 holds no fear for Shirley Manson. The outspoken rock star talks to Kenny Farquharson about band breaks, babies and beating the blues

Shirley Manson is having a pants crisis. When she flew in to Scotland from Los Angeles, the airline managed to mislay her suitcase. So Manson has been searching her Edinburgh home, taking dust sheets off furniture and rummaging in drawers, looking for clean knickers. “I have had a bit of an underwear moment this morning,” she confesses.

She puts on the kettle, an old-fashioned one that she heats on a black range stove in a homely kitchen. The house is part of an anonymous sandstone terrace, perched high above the seashore on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Tall windows look out onto an expanse of blue sky and wind-whipped sea in the Firth of Forth.

Although it is early on a Monday morning and she has spent much of the past 24 hours travelling, Manson looks fantastic in a black high-necked jumper, black jeans and black knee-length boots. Dyed burgundy hair is pulled back hard into a pony tail, away from her famously pale skin, which is almost translucent. Her only make-up is some heavy black mascara and a lick of lippy. Stick thin, she is all angles and edges.

The kettle boiled, she offers a bespoke cup of tea — a mixture of Scottish breakfast and earl grey, both decaffeinated. “It’s my own special combination,” she says. “You can have the Postman Pat mug.”

Manson is one of Scotland’s most iconic rock exports, her appeal a potent combination of surly and sultry. As a teenager she thought she was too gawky, too ginger, too Scottish to mean anything to anybody. Yet recently she was described by an American magazine as “the most shaggable babe in rock”. Her band, Garbage, have sold more than 10m records over the past decade, notching up four Top 20 albums in America and 11 Top 20 singles in the UK, including Stupid Girl, Only Happy When It Rains and Cherry Lips.

Manson likes to shock. She is the kind of woman who wears a racoon’s penis on a necklace, who chose her orange Fender Stratocaster because it matched her pubic hair, who once took revenge on an errant boyfriend by taking a dump on his cornflakes.

Six months ago, patience frayed by a decade of sweaty proximity, Garbage decided on a break. For Manson it has been a time to relax, to pause and to perfect her recipe for lamb hotpot, which she serves at her Los Angeles home to bemused rock-star friends such as Gwen Stefani. It has been a time, as well, to ponder the moment this coming August when Manson turns 40.

“I’ve felt freaked out by life and getting older since I was 18,” she says, her Edinburgh accent miraculously intact despite a decade living in California and Wisconsin. “I feel, firstly, really fortunate that I made it this far. I lost friends who died when they were young and didn’t get to live till they were 40.”

Lost through accidents or drugs? “A variety of things that happened,” she says, a little too quickly. “So I feel really privileged and happy to be here. I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life, and I just hope that I can live for another 40.”

She insists this milestone is a skoosh compared with turning 30. “When you are in your thirties you think, ‘I’m just a withering young person.’ When you get to 40 there’s this feeling of rejuvenation, like, ‘Okay, this is a different part of my life, a different passage.’ I feel quite good about it.”

When she turned 30 she was in the middle of a tour of summer festivals in Europe and barely marked the occasion. This time is going to be different. “This year I’m going on safari,” she says with a big grin. “Something super-weird. I wanted to do something I’ve never done before.”

Is she doing the whole tents-in-the-bush thing? “Kind of . . .” she says sheepishly. Or tents-in-the-bush with bubble baths at the end of the day? She gives a big, dirty, irresistible laugh. “Yeah, there is a bit of bubble bath going on. It’s my treat to myself, because I haven’t had a holiday in, like, a decade.”

Only the strongest of characters can turn 40 without a pretty thorough reappraisal of what matters to them in life. Manson is one of those characters. “This is the really sad, frightening thing,” she says. “The same things are important to me now as they were when I was young. Absolutely. I still want to have a really fabulous, exciting life, and it’s up to me to make it that way. I don’t feel like just because I’m 40 I have to feel like I’m beaten and done, and sit down. Quite the absolute opposite.”

She is immune to the argument that being a little older is incompatible with rock’n’roll. “For a start, I don’t feel like all I have to offer is just being part of rock’n’roll. As a musician you’ve got to evolve and encompass all the things that have happened to you as you’ve gotten older.

“There are certain things, absolutely, that because of my age it would be unseemly if I was still mining the same veins. But I feel women can continue as creative entities regardless of their age. I went to see Patti Smith this year — how old is she, 60 or something? — and she was unbelievably potent.”

Manson does not need to know exactly where the next 20 years will take her. It matters only that she has the confidence to start on the journey.

“I think our generation are probably the first to refuse to sit down at the age of 30 and just call it quits, and say, ‘I’m not a beautiful 20-year-old any more, my breasts aren’t as pert, therefore I’m destined for the rubbish heap’. I challenge anybody to tell me I don’t have the capabilities to do whatever I want to do.”

Who would dare? Manson accepts, however, that physical ageing is hard to thole. “A lot of women feel defeated as soon as they see one wrinkle on their face. The minute you see one, in a woman’s mind that’s it, it’s over.”

Does she remember her first wrinkle? “Oh, yeah!” Again, the big dirty laugh. “It’s indelibly marked. I don’t know how old I was, actually. It came quite late because I was never in the sun. But I remember it being devastating.”

Do women also have the issue of motherhood to factor in, I ask, coming to terms with its presence or absence? “I have rejected it completely,” Manson interrupts in a Cruella De Vil voice.

Was that really a conscious decision? “Kind of,” she says, becoming more subdued. “It’s just not something I’m particularly interested in.”

Why? “I could be here for years explaining my decision-making. There’s no point in going into it here.” But go into it is exactly what Manson does.

“What I find incredibly funny is people who say, ‘Oh you must have children otherwise you’re being incredibly selfish.’ As if having children stops selfishness. I know hundreds of parents and they’re the most selfish people I have ever met. As wonderful as I think child-rearing is for some, it’s not for everybody.

“I’ve seen a lot of women have children and they’re devastated by it, and hopeless mothers, and that’s ghastly. And then I’ve seen people who didn’t think they wanted children have one and it’s changed their lives.”

Tentatively, I suggest that her firmness on this seems a little out of character. Everything else in her life is full of possibilities with no experience off limits. So why close the door on this one?

“I see what you’re saying and I agree, but this is just the decision I’ve made.” She pauses, before throwing a sly, sidelong glance. “Of course, I could change my mind.” The big dirty laugh is unleashed once more.

Manson was born into a middle-class home in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh, her father a geneticist and her mother a former singer. Aged seven, she started learning piano and later went to Broughton High, the local comprehensive and a centre for musical excellence.

School was a grim experience. She was bullied for her unconventional looks, often harming herself in despair, cutting her legs with razor blades. How does she remember herself at that age? Manson pauses, almost puzzled by where the memories take her. “I have no sense of myself other than as frustrated and frightened about the future. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I felt scared. That’s what I remember — being really lost.”

When she was 16 she got a job at Miss Selfridge and joined a band, Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, singing backing vocals and playing keyboards. One of their songs, The Rattler, is now an undisputed Scottish classic. Success proved elusive and the band split in 1992, Manson going on with bandmate Martin Metcalf to front Angelfish.

The video for their first single, Suffocate Me, was played on MTV and spotted by Butch Vig, an influential American music producer responsible for Nirvana’s landmark album, Nevermind. He decided Manson was the girl he wanted to front his new band, Garbage, and after two auditions she joined up and set about rewriting the lyrics to the band’s songs.

Their debut album sold 5m copies worldwide, their sound managing to come across as both commercial and alternative, with Manson’s edgy attitude to the fore. Her off-kilter looks led to a Calvin Klein ad campaign, and in 1999 she sang the theme tune to the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough.

Manson’s personal life has had a less happy trajectory. In November 1996 she married the sculptor Eddie Farrell, but he stayed working in Edinburgh while she spent much of her time at Garbage’s base in Madison, Wisconsin. They separated in 2001 and are now divorced, but Manson has since referred to him as “the love of my life”.

The past six months, she says, have been bliss. “I’ve done nothing and it’s been really good. I hadn’t had a proper life, a proper routine, for decades so it’s given me some perspective. I’ve just started to get my shit together again and start writing with people.”

Her trip to the UK is a busy one. The day after our interview she is off to Glasgow to meet Paul Buchanan of the Blue Nile for the first time, after contacting him and asking if he would like to write with her as part of her solo album.

“I thought he’d be very moody and introverted, but he’s not like that at all. He’s quite outgoing and charming. Neither of us has ever written with anybody else before. It’s going to be strange. We’ll see how it goes — it could be a complete unmitigated disaster.”

After seeing some old friends at a 40th birthday ceilidh in England it will be back to Los Angeles. What is it she particularly likes about life in America? “Freedom,” she says, and there is relish in her tone.

“First of all, geographically there is so much space. In Scotland we’re all in each other’s faces a lot. It’s an urban setting. We know the names of the shopkeepers. It’s a community, and I love that.

“But at the same time there’s also a sense that you’re being watched and judged, and that everybody knows your business. And then you go to America and it’s the complete opposite of that. It’s a negative, but it’s also a positive.”

Manson says she is “at a good place” in her life. Rest. Freedom. Self-knowledge. A sense of the possible. Oh, and being able to drive.

“When I was young I toured all the time and always had someone driving me. It’s a really good feeling at 39 to pass my test — I only passed two months ago — and then get on the freeway in California, by myself, in my own car.

“It’s the feeling of liberation and independence. When you’re in a band you don’t feel independent. It’s a great feeling to step out by yourself.”

What kind of car, I ask. “Never you mind,” she says, firm but playful. “It’s none of your business.”

A convertible? “God, no. Excuse me,” she points to her pale cheeks, “I’m not a California girl, I’m Scottish!”

Butch Vig Says Garbage Hiatus Is OverJanuary 20th 2006

(Source: VH1)

Butch Vig Says Garbage Hiatus Is Over; Jimmy Eat World Nearly Done With LP

Garbage prepping new songs for greatest-hits set; Jimmy Eat World eyeing summer release for Vig-produced album.
by Corey Moss

Last we heard from Garbage, in the fall of 2005, the group was going on an indefinite hiatus.

Fortunately for fans, that break (see "Shirley Manson On Garbage Hiatus: 'I'm Burnt, I'm Done, I'm Toast' ") is not turning out like, say, Blink-182's "hiatus."

"We're recording a couple new songs at the end of February," drummer Butch Vig revealed recently. "I think everyone's excited about getting back in a room and playing some music together."

The new tunes will be included on a Garbage greatest-hits album the band is putting together for release later in the year. "We've been working on it for a while," Vig said. "There was originally talk about doing a B-side and remix CD as well. I'm not sure what we'll do, but we have a lot of B-sides and remixes over the years, so it would be cool to see that come out in a proper package for our hard-core fans."

Garbage have also scheduled their first live performance in more than a year, at a benefit Vig is coordinating for fellow Madison, Wisconsin, drummer Wally "Llama" Ingram (Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt), who was recently diagnosed with throat cancer.

"He's going through hard-core treatment and the doctors have given him a pretty good prognosis but, like a lot of musicians and [a] lot of people in this country, he doesn't have adequate health care," Vig explained. "So I took it upon myself to rally all his friends."

The show, which will take place on January 31 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California, will also feature the Martinis with Joey Santiago and David Lovering of Pixies, Bonnie Raitt, Keb' Mo', Victoria Williams and other surprise guests.

"I'm encouraging all artists to play two or three songs that are in a direction that is different from what they would normally play," Vig said. "And I'm encouraging people to collaborate and do duets and come out and jam." Garbage will be performing with the Section Quartet, a string quartet known for taking on alternative-rock music. "Shirley [Manson] was pretty excited about singing with a string section, and doing something very organic," Vig said.

Ingram will be in the house and is hoping to participate in the show-closing jam. "Wally is a super upbeat guy and one of the sweetest guys in the world," Vig said. "So when I sent out a blanket e-mail, I got literally hundreds of responses. So we may do one in San Francisco and Madison as well."

Along with organizing the benefit and reuniting Garbage, Vig, who produced Nirvana's Nevermind and Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream, is helming new albums for Jimmy Eat World and Florida punks Against Me!

Jimmy Eat World, who have been recording their first album in three years in Phoenix, have only three songs left to finish; they're eyeing a summer release date (see "Jimmy Eat World Teaming Up With Nirvana Producer For Next LP"). Vig said the group's new tracks, which include saxophone work from guitarist Tom Linton and a string section, are "terrific." "It's quite eclectic. There's three or four songs that sound very much like Jimmy Eat World — jagged guitars, great lyrics and [singer Jim Adkins'] emotional voice. And then there's some things that are very dreamy and spacey," Vig said. "And then there's a couple songs where we went for, like, a Fleetwood Mac-style production, late-'70s studio sound, chimey guitars and a fat drum sound."

New diary updateJanuary 20th 2006
01.17.06 DIARY UPDATE JANUARY 17, 2005
Happy New Year dearest darklings. May you all enjoy sparkling good health and joyousness every step you take in 2006.Of course the likelihood of this great joy being experienced on a daily basis is not very probable but think big and you never know your luck.

Anyways......time is roaring on and we're already 6 years on from the beginning of the new millenium. New songs are sung,new stars have appeared. Lindsey Lohan is 19 years old and poor old Jessica is practically a divorcee. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with pangs of deep rooted,existential anxiety about the meaning of life and whether I remembered to put out the rubbish for the bin men and whether my recyclables will truly be recycled or whether the government are just pretending that they will to make neurotic people like me not take to the streets over that big gaping hole in the ozone.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and I thought to myself " I need to find a way to make my life exciting again" and I really meant it but when I woke up this morning I wasn't quite so sure I was certain of my own meaning and how I was going to attend to it.How do you make your life exciting? And what exactly IS exciting anyway?!?!?!

I saw Steveo yesterday at his New Years party.I said "How are you feeling Steve" He said "I'm great.How about yourself?" I said "I'm feeling old and ugly and anxious and I keep waking up in the middle of the night with a racing pulse and dry mouth" Steve looked at me for just a split second longer than necessary before handing me an exceedingly large and strong vodka cocktail.
" I find these can help with all of that" said he.
And we clinked glasses and grinned at one another.
Having band brothers means you don't ever need to explain yourself.

So what else? Well we're still on our "hiatus" and it's beginning to feel really bizarre.It's a little like deciding to refrain from having sex with your wife. Butch is about to become a father which is a very wonderful,exciting thing indeed and then he is set to begin producing other bands again. Steve is working on a film score,Duke is busy putting the finishing touches to an incredible american folk anthology he's been working on for years and I am wondering about making music again and with whom!?! I feel like I'm on the dating scene again after being married for ten years.Very VERY fucking strange.

I suppose you will have read all the controversy about JT in the press. Suffice to say that the books remain a marvel and whoever wrote them is still a genius whether they are a man,woman or wilderbeast.
It's perfectly fair that people are confused and up in arms about it but if you have read the books and understand them,why on earth would you ever assume that the person who wrote them was your regular, 9-5,cookie -cutter joe?

Saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday and broke down in tears at the very end. Not so much at the film itself per se but what it is taking a stand against. I hope Ang Lee is rewarded for his bravura film making within such mainstream parameters.It's arguably safer and definitely easier to be prococative whilst skirting around the edges of popular conciousness but taking boldness right into the very core of mainstream culture takes courage and great skill.

I also finally got around to watching "DIG" the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jones Town Massacre dvd which was mesmerizing and really rather funny if also a trifle sad. I also got caught up in rapt wonderment over " Fearless Freaks" centering around the mighty Flaming Lips and finally I watched Scorcese's Bob Dylan documentary which is astounding. All three of the aformentioned are unmissable and unbearably great for different reasons if you are at all interested in music,musicians or the human spirit.

Finally.......please keep your fingers crossed for me next tuesday as I'm going to be taking my driving test and then immediately going out and buying myself a car.I know it's a tad overdue (bearing in mind how old I am and whatnot) but nevertheless........there's a lesson in all of this and it is this: Don't count a bitch down and out until she's well and truly dead.

Another diary entryDecember 11th 2005

Shirley shares her evening with Patti Smith at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as well as tons of other great tidbits.

Click here to read Shirley's latest diary entry.


Diary update from ShirleyOctober 20th 2005

I loved reading it. Thanks Shirley ;-)


Support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer FoundationOctober 11th 2005

Madison, Wisconsin (October 6, 2005)

To garner awareness for the local campaign and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Madison Affiliate, a highly visible media splash is being prepared to kick off Lee National Denim Day.

Komen Madison asked celebrities to paint a pair of Lee Jeans to be displayed and eventually auctioned off in support of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Starting on October 7, 2005, the jeans will be displayed in storefronts along State Street in Madison for one week before they are auctioned off to raise funds for Komen Madison. Anyone can view and bid on the jeans by going to the Komen Madison website, All funds raised by the auction will go to support Komen Madison and its efforts to eradicate breast cancer.

Participating celebrities include Shirley Manson, lead singer for the rock band Garbage; Jonatha Brooke, folk/pop singer/songwriter and guitarist; Ben Lee, singer/songwriter; Ben Sidran, jazz pianist, singer, producer, composer and rock songwriter; The Bellamy Brothers, country/pop duo; Martina McBride, country singer; Jerry Zucker, film producer, director, and writer; Partika Darbo, actor, Days of Our Lives; and James Denton, actor, Desperate Housewives.

Photographs of the jeans and the celebrities who created them can be viewed on the Komen Madison website at Also available on the website is a downloadable star map showing the location of each pair of celebrity jeans, a list of participating stores, and the link to the eBay auction site.

(source: official statementSeptember 23rd 2005

Dear worried and confused,

After reading all the bullshit out there about the future of Garbage, we felt compelled to write a few lines here to address the issue and set the record straight.

Certain journalists have taken the liberty of running wildly inaccurate stories in recent days about our so called "break-up". Made up out of cobbled together,out of context quotes to feed some perverse agenda of their own,these stories are nothing more than idle speculation and are completely inaccurate.

The truth of the matter is really simple and surprisingly hard to misconstrue. For more than ten years, we have been in a cycle of album-making and touring and for the first time in our history, we have made a decision to break that cycle and take some time off. What does that mean? We are NOT breaking up. However, we ARE taking some much-deserved time off to spend with our families and friends. How much time? We don't know.

This decision came as a difficult yet necessary one in order to preserve something we hold very dear. The last ten years have been an incredible experience for all of us and we appreciate all the freedom, love and support you have so generously given us during that time. We are eternally grateful to you all and we look forward to the next chapter in all of our lives with great excitement and enthusiasm.

True Love Forever,


Garbage Split RubbishSeptember 23rd 2005

Despite rumors of the band's demise, Garbage isn't heading to the trash heap just yet.

On Wednesday, lead singer Shirley Manson told the Melbourne Herald Sun that the alternarockers planned to take "an indefinite break" after the band finished its two-week Australian trek Oct. 1. Earlier in the week, the band canceled a European tour that had been slated to begin after the Down Under dates.

"We're taking a hiatus," Manson told the paper before adding ominously, "I don't know if we're calling it a day."

Those comments fueled rampant speculation that the band behind such hits as "Stupid Girl," "Special," and "Only Happy When It Rains" would ever get back together.

But by Thursday, Manson was backtracking.

"We have discussed this and I don't think anybody is interested in breaking up," she told Australia's National Nine News. "We feel that this has been a really great tour and we feel that we have really muscled through and produced a great record, and we just want to take some time off while things are really good between us."

Read full article at

(source:, (Phorsha) )
Garbage will split after their Australian tourSeptember 21st 2005

Singer Shirley Manson confirmed the million-record selling band will take an indefinite "hiatus" after the tour ends.

"We've not stopped for 10 years," the Scot said in Melbourne yesterday.

"We always swore if it wasn't 100 per cent fun we'd stop it. So that's what we've decided to do. It was important for us to say 'we're tired, this is becoming hard, we should stop right now'.

"It's something we all felt was the right move. We discussed it in an adult fashion over dinner one day and since then a burden has been lifted from everybody and our live shows have been incredible."


But Manson said the band do not rule out regrouping in the future.

"I don't think we feel Garbage will ever be completely over. It's part of our lives, we still all get on well and love each other. We're taking a hiatus, I don't know if we're calling it a day."

Manson admits contemplating a solo career.

"It's something I will undoubtedly pursue at some point, but I don't think I'll ever make music with another band," Manson said.

Full article

(source: Herald Sun, forum)

Garbage are touring AustraliaSeptember 20th 2005

Rumours abound that their Australian jaunt will be the band's last shows. Many believe Garbage have held Manson back and that 10 years into her career she should be a star of Gwen Stefani's status.

Manson, though, is evasive.

"I'm sure I will make a solo record at some point. I don't want to spend my whole life in Garbage; I will want to move on and try different things in my life.

"Being in a band for a long time is really strange. You can't move without the other three feeling it, and the responsibility of that can really weigh heavily after a while."

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